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If u cut into a snowboard, does it all peel apart? Or does it keep together? Answered

I'm trying to make a longboard because I don't want to buy a really expensive one. I am going to make it out of a snowboard but I was wondering if I cut into the board itself does it peel apart in layers? Or does it keep and edge?


In theory, the edge should only provide protection from the weather getting in between layers -- they were all saturated with resin and cured in a tight press to ensure the layers bonded...

If you cut it, it will lose some strength, and you'll want to re-seal any raw edge left cut, but it should work -- that said, it'll be WAY too flexible for a longboard unless you had a SUPER stiff snowboard to begin with.

Also how best do you recommend sealing the edge?

You want to use something flexible and waterproof -- epoxy is good, but isn't flexible generally, you'll have to do some reasearch in that department.

Roughing up the edge and 'painting' it with some silicone caulking should do the trick.

Ok thanks for that, it was pretty stiff to start out and it's not that long anyway, but we will see how things turn out.


7 years ago

Check out this link. These guys commonly saw snowboards down the middle to use for backcountry access. It'd be a good place to browse about, because they do have to seal the cut edge. I agree with frollard, though, It'll have too much flex.

Thanks for this link, but I can't find anywhere that tells me how to seal the edge

The Voile website, which sells DIY splitboard kits says to use "...varnish, varathane, or enamel paint."