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If you are reading this, then I am back with a small apology. Answered

If you are reading this, then I have gone.

On holiday, that is.

I brought my little laptop with me, but forgot the wall-wart!

I'll be popping in as borrowed laptops allow, but otherwise I'll be properly back in just over a week and a half.

(UPDATE: I type on Friday 7th, 21:30 UK time. I will be unlikely to post again until a week on Sunday. For those who asked, we are going to based in Alnmouth for the next week.)

So, I return, and find somebody has flushed a little too imaginatively, and left it dripping down the walls...

An apology

My email notifications say I have had hundreds of comments recently - I doubt I will read them all, so I apologise to anybody who does not receive a reply. If it was important, PM me.


I'll second your nomination to the Knex Hall of Shame for superfluous "I will be going away, I am thinking about going away, I am away, I am coming back, I'm back and I was gone did anyone notice" topic postings and nonsuch. Yeah, we'll miss you in you absence but we will launch 99 flaming kites aloft in the night sky to signal you if needed. BTW, there must be some way to improvise a field-expedient power supply when you forget your wall-wart or are you rendered powerless away from your maker shed? Enjoy your holiday. I would be more impressed if there were random sightings of you on holiday and somebody posted that instead or your announcement of being on holiday.

Hah, the first time I went on holiday from ibles (before your time, youngling), there was panic and consternation all around (the community was much smaller then).

Since then, I've always told somebody when I'm going to be offline, just in case they need to ease frazzled nerves. If I ever go, and none of the regulars know why, then you need to worry.

If I ever go and none of the irregulars know why, then everything is pretty much normal.

If you are irregular, I don't think peeple need to know or want to know if you go. TMI, more fiber to you, my friend.

Moral fiber is good, but it's no replacement for prunes and bran muffins.

Isn't that half-moon cutout in the door supposed to do the trick?

You'd think so. But sometimes the entire solar system is needed. BTW- I actually have a little too much "comfort-shack" experience (but not in the US). I was in one during an earthquake. For a second, I thought my wife hit it with the truck. I broke through the floor of another.

Ok, kids! Everybody out! There's something nasty floating in the...... Wait a minute, What were we talking about?

You country-folk shure know how to have a good time.

YeeHaw! Once, in an effot to cut down on flies in the outdoor facilities, I decided to get creative. Lets just say the "myth of the exploding john" is no longer a myth.

Let that be a lesson to the youngins, there is danger in flashback as well as splashback.

Flush it and forget it = GOOD
Flaming flying poo = BAD

Gives a WHOLE new meaning to: fire in the hole!

I think Mr. Kiteman will be quite upset when he comes back from holiday to find we crocked all over his thread...

That's funny coming from someone with the moniker of SKUNKbait LOL

Smell is in the nose of the besmeller. Just ask Pepe LePew!!

Remember the curse laid upon The Spleen -- he who smelt it, dealt it

(Hands round cloths and buckets of bleach.)

I would've had to gargle and snort the bleach to solve that little dilemma.

>Pours bleach in ears to wash image from brain<

bleach ? I think I will stick to antibiotic soap and water thank you :-)

Haha! Bleach and soap?? Mere mortals! THis stench/taste/image requires high-grade Kryptonite!

Looks like Kryptonite has left the building....

*Runs off screaming* *Runs back* Sorry if my spelling's a bit off the last few days, my keyboard is dying so every second letter doesn't register. *Runs off again*

This is where I slink of slinkilly. Sionara!

Just when Skunkbait asked for your help too ;-)

In the hole was not so bad. The problem was the pulse-jet action blazing all the way to the roof (and beyond).

The singed eyebrows and beard were bad. But I could taste petrol, sulfur, and methane for a week.

Mrs. Skunkbait thought so too. The kisses were few and far between that week!

But still, if you fall in, I'd advise you to swim anyway.

no one can blame their own feelings and reactions on you......they need to buck up and become responsible for their own panic and constipation yah, I spelled that this way on purpose ;-)