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If you took the wires from a Blackberry and put it into a Nintendo DS, would the DS go to internet, play files etc?? Answered

I'm curious if i take the inside of a blackberry and put it into a Nintendo DS if the DS will work as the blackberry would..?



Best Answer 9 years ago

The DS can already go online - it has wireless connectivity.

No you cant it wont work

Would you still be able to press the Blackberry keys? Probably not - don't do it. L

I was thinking of a touch screen blackberry, which would maybe work as a DS is touch screen also.

Ah, I must be behind on these things, I'm still thinking of the ones with a full keypad. L

It would surely work, but I'm not sure about the 2nd screen.

so if i get what you're saying you want a blackberry in your ds as well as ds capabilities. it would take a huge program to convert the files between the two systems even if you could get it in. But. if you're asking can you stick a blackberry in the shell of a ds the answer is yes but like lemonie said you would be able to hit the keys. you'd have to cut out spaces for the keys. after all this it may not even look like a ds anymore.