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Illuminated Figure Skating Costume Answered

The animated lighting element in this figure skating costume by ShowOfLight reacts to music by using beat and pitch recognition technology and motion sensor to bring the animation in sync with the performer.

While this sounds great, and looks impressive, the video demonstrates how this is one example of technology overshadowing art.  Though many of Marina Polakoff's other works integrate soft circuitry with subtlety and beauty, the line of costumes for the performing arts may be too distracting.  Consider the lovely ice skating routine in the video that must be performed in the dark.  Which were you watching - her salchow or her flashing bananas?  (seriously, there are animated bananas)

Regardless of my opinion, I'm sure this is one performance the judges will never forget.

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Wow, I thought you would have been the last person to post in this thread, not one of the few that did.


 Remember what it's like to be a kid and want to try something fun and new???
Wonder what it would  be like to be a kid now a days to read all these adults talk about what you are wearing. Sad. Childhood is about not being perfect is is about doing fun stuff.
Let the kid be a kid and stop analyzing women young and old to death you wonder why they feel they are not good enough.

 You are all jealous cause she won her skate competition and she got the high score on Tetris! HA
Ummm she won't make it into therapy as an adult she keeps skating with those costumes she will have enough radiation so close to her body accumulated...
The whole suit should be illuminated like plastics they make with firefly DNA no LED genetic stuff we are into a new world keep up now folks.
I think thin LEB tubes as fringes on her skirt would have evened it out a but that big
square was too much...

What radiation, exactly?  You mean visible light, like what you find all around you every day?

 I was trying to be funny I forgot I was on instructables one of the few places where smart people hang ...lol

I'm with you. It's gratuitous, adds nothing to the routine (and distracts from the performance), and the animated fruit salad is just tacky. It's like something Tonya Harding would have worn if the tech was available.

.  I agree that the displays are much too distracting. More like someone I would expect in a Las Vegas show.
.  Hopefully, that has more to do with ppl being over-enthusiastic about using something new and it will become more subdued as time goes by. Something more like what c'dad and jeff-o were discussing.


8 years ago

Looks like Tetris  :->

imho... flashiness

I think the outfit would have been better with EL wire - TRON-like to accentuate the line of movement for an athlete.  Better get the kid into therapy now before she loses a competition because she forgot to recharge the batteries.

I agree.  The light show should definitely be more subtle - a few strands of EL wire, perhaps a few "twinkling" LEDs here and there.