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Im 14 but really I really want to do some of these welding projects is it that hard? Answered

And does anyone know any place i could like pay a fee and go weld? Buying a machine is out of the question as i do not have anywhere near enough!?


Welding is not hard to "learn," but it is hard, and takes both skill and practice, to do properly. I can do spot welds okay, but I could never do a continuous TIG weld to save my own life, let alone save my equipment. I leave that for proper machinists.

As others have said, check with your local "community colleges" (that's what we call them in the U.S., I don't know the proper British term), as well as hackerspaces.

If you have a metal shop in your community (folks who repair car parts or do "sheet metal work") and tell them you're interested in learning to weld. Offer to clean up the place on a Saturday in exchange for some hands-on guidance. It's called "apprenticeship," and is a tried and true training method.

Even now, with a lot of practice, the first TIG runs after not welding for weeks are usually grim. There's a lot of motor skill needed !

Find someone who knows how to weld and has a welder then offer to clean his shop, mow his lawn etc. for lessons. It really is better if you have a tutor to keep you from picking up bad mistakes.

I taught myself then had to unlearn a few things.


5 years ago

Check out the vocational courses where you go to school. Many of the various trades use welding and it is taught in their school curriculum.
Auto/body mechanics courses teach welding, as do carpentry, plumbing, sheet metal and many other trades. See what is included in the course material and go for it.

Not the way it works here sadly Burf.


That is unfortunate. My daughter excelled in art when she was in high school and her art teacher got her approved for taking welding courses. A lot of art sculptor is dependent on welding. She got pretty good at it and we joked with her that if she ever got in a pinch she could do welding as a career. I picked up an arc welder really cheap at a farm auction and she did a few welding things for me. Welding really is an art. Maybe the questioner should see if any local artists that do metal working could help out.


5 years ago

im in england in the london area thanks

Local college will have evening classes in many things . May be an age limit.

try some of these


If you'd been up near Manchester, I'd've offered to teach you. I've taught a couple of lads from my sons' school - I've got two sixth formers interning with me for the summer.

Try one of the London HackSpaces then.

Where are you in the world ! How can anyone make any suggestions without you telling us that...

Welding takes a lot of practice to be any good at it, but the very basics are pretty straightforward.