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I'm a busy boy, I'll be missing for a day or two. Answered

I'll be a little "light" in my posting for the next couple of days.

I know other people go missing for longer without comment, but last time I went over 24 hours without posting, several people who ought to know better assumed that something terrible had happened to me.

Anyhoo, I'm out most of today doing a BTO Breeding Bird Survey visit, then tomorrow we are off to London for an over-nighter, we're going to watch Oliver! at Drury Lane - it's a (very) late 40th present for Kitewife, so she'd kill me if I took the computer and sat posting during the interval...


*Reads through comments* You appear to be addored.... !

You're pretty awesome and any one who has joined Instructables and doesn't know you is slightly less informed then they should be. I think it's really good to have some body as helpful as you. Not to mention your achievements. You've got way too many patches.


9 years ago

we miss you already :*(

Aw, c'mere. >Sympathetic hug< We just gotta hug it out, man...

i knoe, its just *runs out of room with tears streaming down face* 5 minutes later *walks back in singing llama song*

llama, llama,llama...

Finally - I was even busier than I thought. I got back from walking miles on my survey visit, spent some time in the shed (experiment failed, so no entry into the Klutz contest), then had to dash off for a cub camp planning meeting. I'm back now, though.

Yay! :-) Also, ROFLOL! This is the only site I know of (save twitter) where you have to post if you'll be gone for 12+ hours, lest people get worried. :D

I wonder who it was who panicked when I didn't let folk know..?


Uh...idk who would be that dumb...

Aw, it's a sign that I care! :D

wasn't me *sheepish grin*

Drury Lane? Like where the muffin man lives? I didn't think there was an actual place with that name...

So there's no actual street called Drury Lane? What were the people thinking when they decided where the muffin man lived?