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I'm a sophmore in high school and I really like this junior girl. Answered

There is this junior in my school that I've known for quite a few years now and I think she is such a beautiful, nice and caring person and I care about her a lot. The biggest problem is she has a boyfriend right now. And no girl I like has ever liked me back; so how do I go about talking to her and just being around her in general? I want her to trust me and at least have somewhat deep feelings for me. I do get chances to talk with her now and then to but I just want her to like being around me more.



the search results here are quite good.

There is little advice a bunch of generally much older guys who have had various past successes in their romantic life can offer you BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU.

There is no magic formula, no potion, no real answer other than to get yourself out ther be nice (extra nice) and keep your fingers crossed.

For me most of my romantic connections came when I wasn't looking at all they just seemed to happen.

Be interesting - Not outrageous just interesting AND 9interested in other people (girls for example as people like people who are interested in them and let them talk about themselves.)

I'm 11 and I like a girl she likes me but she likes another guy more but I'm with her more often making her like me more but I did so I would find her closest friends not her bf and make friends with them and u might be around her more often

Ask her out. If she rejects you, then you can move on with your life and not be haunted by thoughts of her when you are an old old man.

This is a DIY site; usually concerned with making physical things.
You go about talking to her like you would talk to anyone else; get to know each other.
But don't avoid talking to other girls; you waste your time being obsessed with someone.



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you are a pet grade for this more mature young woman that has interests
in going with senior men....