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I'm back! Answered

In the past month I've been scratching my itch to travel. I've been hiking in Japan, exploring Morocco, and relaxing in Parisian cafes and museums. So if you didn't see me around these parts it's because I wasn't around these parts. No new trips coming up, but getting outside of the US is always fun and I hope to do it again soon. But now I'm back! I'm looking forward to digging through what's been going on here in the past couple weeks and finding new things to make or do.



9 years ago

Jealous++ It looks like an amazing series of trips. I hope you returned inspired!

Your return is noted. I've always fancied hitchhiking across Ireland, Britain, and maybe France and Spain. Would it be legal do ya know?

Welcome back! I have been away from instructables for a while, lol. And what is that mound with smoking sticks on it?

It's a pile of ashes with incense sticks in it. In Japan I was traveling to a lot of Buddhist temples.

Wow sounds amazing !! I've been to loads of places but funnily enough I haven't been to any of those ! :P Those pictures are great, looks like a fantastic trip ! The last place I went was Berlin, Germany. That was a good trip. I love traveling !! Haha

Welcome back! Those pictures are fantastic.

About time as well! You missed all sorts, cookies, chatroom parties... Looks like you had a great time! Does coming back also help to remind you of the friends you left behind at all?

Reminds me of lots of things, really. Appreciation of people and places. Also a reminder that I have too much stuff. The wife and I decided to purge our house of all useless stuff.

I have too much stuff, but i only live in one room atm, come Nov, when me and han move in were hoping to have a 'making room' with the premise that all the stuff and mess will remain in there. Im glad you had a good time, and im also glad that you are happy to be back! We gonna see an I'ble then? 'How to purge your house of useless stuff'


9 years ago

Welcome back!
got any tips for actually *starting/going out* travelling? Most people (me) want to go travelling but other things get in the way and they never go travelling. :(

Write it in the calendar and stick to it. Many things can be shifted around it once you put it there. If it's low on your priority list it'll never happen.

I really have to do something like this once I graduate! I'm taking two weeks off next month, but I'm just going to be staying in Louisville since I've lived here for six years and I've done nothing but work and go to school. I have a feeling I've been missing out. ;) Did you learn some of the language for each place you went or did you just wing it?

My wife speaks a little French and our friend from Paris who traveled with us speaks French and Arabic. I'd recommend learning at least the basics if you're on your own. Most big cities you can get away with English for rudimentary things.

I didnt even realize you were gone! welcome back anyways!

Welcome back! That seems like it would be so much fun! I've always wanted to travel to different countries.

It's absolutely worth it. Even better is living in another country.

I would LOVE to live in another country, even if it was only for a year or less.

Welcome back I had wondered where you had gotten to ;-)

Sounds like a great trip. About the only time I ever got out of the states was a drive to Canada ;-)

My first international trip was to Mexico. Not quite so exciting at the time, really.

Well, I don't know; for me it would be, just for the fact that it would be different than around here :-)

And I would like to one of these days fly in a plane big enough for more than 2 persons :-)

Welcome back! While you were on this site of The Pond, #1 son was on yours (he should be flying back in the next few hours, in fact).

In theory, New York, but plans started getting a bit flexible when various cousins decided to drop in and show him around. We are expecting stories of Washington DC, the Air & Space museum, and apparently his great uncle has taken up long-distance lorry driving to liven up his retirement, and was planning to take a swing that way. So, really, we have no idea where he's been all week...

Wow, sounds like quite an adventure!

WOW!!! Where was that first picture from? (What desert, town, city, whatever, I know it's in Japan)

edge of the Sahara desert. pic 2 is marrakech and pic 3 is in Paris

Welcome back! Not much has happened, earthquake in Italy G-summit in London, Lithium Rain changed avatar... L

And some politician from the states dropped by for tea. All the French media was going nutty about it for some reason. That and some BBQ that got out of control over near Germany.


9 years ago

Welcome back, sir!

Welcome back! I missed you. :-)