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I'm getting seriously frustrated with this DIY iPod projector. Answered

I am trying to make a video projector for my iPod touch using a cardboard box, mirror and a magnifying glass lens. When I put my iPod over the mirror, it projects onto the wall but I can JUST vaguely see the picture. It's not clear at all. What do you guys suggest? Smaller mirror? Moving something closer or farther to the lens? Smaller lens? It's really starting to p*ss me off. I want to know what some of you might recommend.

Below are the blueprints I roughly sketched up on MSPaint.



6 years ago

if u want a bigger image...
then take ur projector farther from the wall or projection screen or whatever u r projecting on and bring the ipod closer to the mirror for clear image!


6 years ago

Make a holder for your ipod and a longer box of the size of the ipod holder...
then stick the box on top of the mirror...
make sure that the box doesnt come in the way of the light reflected by mirror...
then insert the ipod holder inside the longer box and push it up and down for focus...
mark the point at which you feel that the picture is clear..
it will definately project a clear picture!

It isn't bright enough. In total darkness it may look better, but that's it unless you take the iPod apart and use a more powerful light.


Your source might not be bright enough. Other than increasing brightness I don't know what else to say.


Your iPod just doesn't have the umph to throw an image that far.