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I'm going to Germany Answered

Hi! I'm going to Germany in a couple of days, and I was wondering if anyone here knows of good places to go. We'll mostly be in west germany. Also is there any cool electronic shops there?


still, I like Emus more so the the roadrunner....I even bought a roadrunner patch years ago that pictured him caught by the Wil-e-coyote, and being told Beep Beep my ~~gr~~ass ;-)


9 years ago

Awesome! Get lots of pictures, and take a printed robot photo with you!


Erm, what?

I can just use my T-shirt WTF IS QFT LOL ROFT WOOT LOL

does no-one know what qft means now?

Well, I have always used it for Quantum Field Theory, but it could mean Quantum Fourier Transform or even Quest For Tech, Quit Freaking Talking, Quite Freaking True or the web slang of Quoted for Truth. :-)

I always thought is was Quails Taking Fizzics?

most birds don't "run", they fly ;-)

I have found an exception to your rule.


I had a "pun" in there somewhere (let's see, birds taking fizzics, makes bird run {run ? ewwww}, most birds don't...oh you get the idea...)

Yeah, I caught it the first time round lol

The real one runs (most of the time) too....but there are many exceptions: Ostrich, Emu, the Do-do (before it went extinct), penguins (both cold and warm weather types), and the cassowary (there are 3 species of cassowary). Meep Meep !

I've got a German friend who has a shirt that says "A grouchy German is a Sour Kraut"

You should get one

Germany? Can you bring me back some german money?

"German money" you mean Euros right, the same as everywhere else in Europe.

yeah. Can you bring me back some?

I'm not going to Germany, ask guyfrom7up, not me, I went earlier this summer.

sorry... got mixed up... I have German pfennigs though. I'm pretty sure it was german munny before they started making Euros. Just like the Franc, I have a franc.

I think that is like their cents/small coins. Their version of the dollar was (I think) Deutsche Marks.

Sweet!!! And I'm positive that france no longer uses francs

Yep, you have 2 out of commission coins. Congratulations!

I learned that the North beaches are amazing. Everything is a train ride away. You must visit the Black Forest and try their Scwarzwaldekirchtorte. It is delicious.

You must visit the Black Forest and try their Scwarzwaldekirchtorte


Black forest cake, right. I went to the schwarzwald but didn't have any black forest cake but my parents rave about it.

Go to Heidelberg Castle, it is really cool. My cousin twice removed (grandmothers cousin) lives in Mannheim so we went there but it is just a normal town. If you get the chance, see some of the castles on the Rhine, they are amazing. There is a castle where you can go underground and explore. I think it was castle Rheinfels. Have a great time!!!!



9 years ago

Where in Germany are you going? A "Couple of days" doesn't give you time to go wandering all over - Germany is smaller than the US, but it's still pretty big... Heidelberg university, Munich beer houses, and Rhine "cruises" stand out as memorable pieces from my three visits, though I suppose there's a pretty strong dependence on whether you prefer "urban" or "rural" style entertainment. Eat Schnitzel. Yum.

my family's main place will be heidleberg. I'm leaving in a few days (wendsday) and I'll be there for a week.


There's plenty of electronic shops, there was one (forgot the name) that was really cool, it looked so awesome inside. My dad put pictures on his website: www.dannyhuynh.com/2008/germany