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Im hungry and lazy (not a good combo) HELP ME INTERNET Answered

i need a quick and easy yet hearty meal, even if it's how to modify a frozen meal (pie/pizza)


If you still haven't eaten since you posted the question, make a bowl of cereal

I always keep a supply of ramen noodles for such emergencies. I Much prefer the Asian store varieties over the generic grocery store type. I also keep a HUGE batch of soup/stew around for such times. Pull out a bowl, reheat, and good to go. Replenish every few days with a new potfull.

cook once a week, and package most of it up in containers and into the freezer, then take one out and into the microwave. I am tired when i get home from work, so I have a lot of quick and easy meals I make. Every few weeks I will spend a sunday cooking in between playing WoW. It would help to answer your questions if you said if there were things you hate, like tuna for example. Poached eggs on toast: Put half a cup of water in a large mug, and microwave for 30 seconds. Break 2 eggs into a bowl and slowly slide them into the hot mug of water. take a fork and puncture both yolks in two places, if you do not do this the yolks will explode. Cover with a paper towel and microwave for 2 minutes. Pop bread in the toaster. Take out toast, carefully drain the water off of the eggs, scoop them out with a spoon and put on the toast, add salt and pepper and voila! Message me if you want more ideas.

I made this the other day while being hungry and lazy.

You could try cous cous and sweetcorn, dump both in pan, warm up and eat.

Eh cheese on toast?

Microwave burgers?

Oh you could make pizza, but add extra ingredients then more cheese to it or add Beans to it...

Chop off your foot. Bon appetit!

Get a bag of instant masa flour (alkali-cooked corn) from the flour or Hispanic aisle of the grocery, some bouillon powder, broccoli florets from frozen food, and grated cheese. Let a bowl full of the broccoli melt. Mix some flour and bouillon in another bowl, and add water or milk to make a thick liquid. Pour this over the broccoli and top with cheese. Microwave it. (Regular wheat flour has a different texture, but also works if you are too lazy to go to the grocery store.)


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