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I'm just glad Kipkay didn't enter this Answered

I'm just glad Kipkay didn't enter this :) His videos are awesome!



Why does he never post in the forums?

His main interest is in getting his (pay-per-click) videos seen, rather than writing instructables. He has his own site, and works for Make - he just has no time to post here.

I wish the staff would identify themselves clearly. Also it seems troubling that staff folks get featured. The 'featured' and 'zeitgeist' processes are already viewed as somewhat arbitrary and I can't help but wonder if the process is inadvertently skewed towards people who go to lunch together at work... I don't mind the pay per click thing and I'm sure being featured substantially increases his personal revenue stream. I know my featured instructables, which are in fact written for the sole purpose of writing instructables, have higher hit counts by several orders of magnitude. But let's be honest, I do it for the joy of writing instructables and the twitchy little tingle I get being featured or having a monster hit count. I wish the featured and zeitgeist selection process were more merit or community based.

Zeitgeist is community-selected. It is a selection of past projects getting new comments. They get selected by being commented upon (positively or negatively).

Featuring is largely done by a team who are not staff or employees, just a group of members who have been asked to help because they have shown a passion for the site and what it stands for.

Kipkay isn't staff on instructables, he works for Make magazine, and on his own projects. A large part of his income is generated by his videos.

(Oh, and just so you know, I am not staff, but I am part of the Feature Team)

Which is why I now see why egbertfitzwilly says staff should identify themselves clearly, and may I add, that and the Feature Team.

Except that his concerns are unfounded - especially the part about lunching together - as we are spread right around the planet.

Could be hosted at an internet cafe.

That would be fun though, although I don't see why a whole bunch of strangers would travel to one spot upon this Earth to eat cucumber sandwiches with others.

The distinction between the various interlocking companies is too subtle for me and sounds like the kind of explanation I get from D.C. However I would like to hear more about "a passion for the site and what it stands for" means. I wouldn't have thought that included 'ibles driven revenue models. You have a fair number of featured instructables in your 90+ entries. It would be interested to correlate contributions versus featured and see how folks who are affiliated with instructables compare with the rest of us who just pay money and write things. New projects should be the most prominent feature of the site, not buried at the bottom of the page and "insider" stuff should be clearly identified and played down.

How can I make my videos pay-per-click?

Click the "Make videos Pay per click", and specify how much you want to get paid per video. XD

A hundred billion dollars.... "Dominic...? Why is some guy trying to give us a hundred billion dollars in your name...? "Why not...?"

That sounds a bit...Wrong?(just my opinion)

Oh don't sound so sinical there Kiteman!! Surely Kip is doing it for the people.... LMAOROFL


He's not bad

Yes, he always wins. his videos are great. Just like my videos. =P

...but there's a 30 second limit, and you have to hand over intellectual rights to Forbes.

No way he'd enter it!

30 secs you say... It would be all his cat walking around for 28secs, he'd start to talk then it would cut out.... crazy cat....

His stuff usually takes a bit more than 30s. L

Yes, I agree...but I'm sure he could make a fantastic 30 sec video if he really wanted to. I'm just a fan of his videos that is all. They are generally short, concise, and provide valuable information and innovative ideas.

Yes, he's quite good with what he does. Though it's been a while I think? L