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I'm looking for a better way to store key chain "store cards". Any suggestions? Answered

Those little key chain cards are way easier to carry then the credit card sized ones. But if you get 4 or 5 of them on the same key chain they get annoying. I'm looking for a better way to carry them. I've thought about some kind of paper sleeve to hold them all together on my keys. But I think wallet carry could be better. I'm going to make a tyvek wallet this week, and it seems that adding some right sized pockets in wouldn't be too hard. But this will be my first try at it, so I really don't want to experiment too much. Has anyone else tried to tackle this problem before? I would love to hear your ideas, they would save me a lot of trial and error. Thanks!


I have mine on a second split ring separate from the keys.

my favourite is to photocopy the barcodes all onto one piece of paper that can be strategically folded to only show the barcode you want.

Alternately, some lcd phone screens can be scanned -- if you put the barcode on the screen (Scan or use camera) it should be scannable at some places - ymmv.

Unfortunately I haven't upgraded to a smart phone yet. Probabley next year wen my contract is up. I know some stores want you to have the card with you to redeem bonuses so I don't think I'll try the photo copy idea. I thought about doing it a while ago and making sure I had the bigger credit card sized copy in my wallet too, but seemed redundant, and the whole point was to streamline my carry. Thanks for the ideas though.

just say your wife/husband/significant other carries the card and you only get the photocopy since you lost yours.

I've never had a barcode taker have a problem that I was using a barcode instead of the original card.

If your going to make a tyvek wallet then why not put them taped to the inside with the barcode visable when its opened. You need to get your money out anyway so it would be easy to remember to use the cards. Or branching off what Kiteman said you could tape them back to back and they would be less likely to get in the way and be annoying.

Tape them into a line, using clear tape on both sides, and they'll make a single key-fob that you can fold to present the bar-code you require.

Not sure if I'm understanding this one completely. After taping them in a line they would still need something else i think. Like a rubber band to hold them folded together. Sounds good though I might give it a try.

If they're like the UK version, about the size of an SD card, I actually thought to just turn them into one long and flat keyfob.