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I'm looking for a cheap outdoor summer playhouse idea for my son - recyclables welcome! Answered



9 years ago

Even smaller cardboard boxes work. Tape them shut and they become building blocks..big ones. My boys would play with them for hours in the living room on rainy days.

Big cardboard boxes. You can get them from places that sell fridges/washing-machines furniture etc. cut out windows, doors. Join several boxes together with packing tape to make kitchen/lounge/bedroom etc. small box as a table. Everyone can join in painting it, inside and out. Paint a clock, pictures and their frames, etc. Attach some Xmas bells as a door bell. If you can put it under cover when it rains, you could get several months out of it (we did). Have fun!

Bryan Smith called it right. My Dad did just that when I was about seven or eight years old. It was a two story "fort" with a trap door between the floors. We cut a "window" in one wall of the second storey, and Dad even found some carpet for it to prevent a few splinters. Just make cubes, and stack 'em up.

Shipping pallets nailed together. Be creative. Pallets are free at many businesses. Be sure to ask first though.

go to construction site find the megatrash take everything usable (especially steel and aluminium profiles and stuff that can be used for walls / roof) build he house from it

Cardboard? Fence panels?