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I'm looking for a team to make videogames Answered

I'm fan of videogames and from long time I want to create my oun.
I'm not pro in anithyng, so I'd like to make a team to try to create an FPS/Sandbox game.
I can speak English,French and Italian.
I'll need basically a coder, how knows Java or other important coding languages, a 3D modeler, a 3D animator (or only one for bolth), and if it's possible someone how knows how to make all the sounds. If there's also a texturer it's really better.
You'll need skype to can comunicate.
I accept every level, but igest is your level and igest is the opportunity.
Another thing is that you have to be a good boy.
So you are all accepted and thank you.


I'm an ok 3-D modeler. Im slightly experienced in CAD. I am in central standard time. Illinois to be exact. Thing is though, I'm only 14. I don't think my dad would approve.

I'm 13 so.....
Do you know wich GMT are you?
If you want you can contact me on my email: otxoacioni1@gmail.com

If you are planning in talking to your team "live", it would be a good idea to let them know what time zone you are in.

You're right.
The trouble is that I'm in Italy.
GMT + 1:00.
But I thing I'll find a good way