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I'm looking for a way to transmit a metronome across a football field for band members during marching season? Answered

Plug a metronome via 1/8 inch plug into something and then listen to it on the other side with headphones.


for drumline rehearsals we plug our met into a long ranger and point it at the ground. during marching season we used p.a. system speakers. the long ranger at the ground gets rid of a lot of echo, but the p.a.s had an echo, but im not sure if you could mistake the tick and the echo at the far corners of the field, as i had it blaring in my face because i was in pit.

Yeah, our Highschool just uses the auxiliry input for the long ranger.

im a band member and im sorry but you will have to get that band watching the drum major and listening to each other,they should be able to distinguish the first beat from the echo.take it from me,my band is the florida state marching champions class 5A(AAAAA)and the drum majors should be good enough to mark times with each other

Can you just set up a strobe light a certain color that flashes to the beat? A visibile signal might work if they can see it on and off the field.

I agree. Xenon strobe lights on the sidelines seem like a much cheaper and more reliable way to get the signal across the field than by giving everybody their own radios or metronomes. (Ebay shows small party strobes for $15 and a used one for $6) The only downsides I see are the light being too far away or someone in the band being epileptic or blind.

I'm not sure that yours would come with BPM markings on it, but it would have a knob to control the rate. You could glue a large disc (CD?) to the knob to make it easier to control precisely, then experiment a little and make your own markings. Another possibility would be to interface a metronome with the trigger circuit on the strobe. I can't advise with that.

If its for practice then use it loud through a P.A. system. Do you use it while you are doing the actual show? Or just give the field commanders each metronomes so they can keep the beat and the band can watch them more closely.

first amplify the sound with computer speakers and the like then connect it to a bunch of 3.5 mm splitters and extension cables that go to where needed headphones with integrated volume control may be needed. keep the volume of the amplifier on the max and turn the headphones volume down so they dont load it much (if its too much loaded some phones may not get nough power - especially if they are not identical or cables are really long) radio txmitter may be solution too if it can be clearly recieved without other noise in the background

You can transmit using a small FM transmitter (maybe 1 watt... maybe a little less...) and then have everyone in the band get cheap $5 FM radios and wear ear buds.

Will they transmit far enough? It needs to be able to go across a football field.

A 1 watt transmitter should roughly broadcast 1 mile. Anything over 1 watt usually requires a license in the US. You should check with local and federal laws an regulations.


9 years ago

The band director at my old high school just attached a digital metronome to big speakers, I think. A 1/8 inch plug might work as previously mentioned. A quick and dirty solution is to put the metronome up to a megaphone or other sound-projecting device. If it won't make that awful screechy interference noise.

We already have the speakers and it isn't a really good way outside. It echoes and the band doesn't follow it anyway. I wanted something for the drums to have and the drum major so if the two of us are right in time, everyone else will be.