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I'm not a pro member and I have all pro members features !! Answered

Hi.....I made an account year ago and I wasn't using it until 2 weeks ago. I just figured out this week that only Pro members "now" can view all step in one page and download PDF.....but I can do whatever you can do guys !! probably a bug ! so I found that It's important to tell you about this problem as others pay money to enjoy what I already enjoy for free... thanks



If you tell them they will take it away!!! LoL

But seriously though, I think you will find it is everyone...
You do not have all PRO features, you only have "view all steps" and "download PDF". I think you will find they reverted those to aspects.

I can download PDF's and view all steps too.
Infact I don't think we ever actually lost them, did we? Maybe briefly, I don't download PDF's often though.

The info really should be changed ASAP, if I am correct. It could almost be interpreted as, mis-advertising PRO accounts. I mean you would feel a bit shafted if you thought you were getting those features only after paying...

Perhaps Eric needs to be mailed on that one.. any takers?

This happens to me too.

Can you send patches, view the PRO forum, and make private iBles?

I think I remember Eric commenting that they changed the status of "view all steps" and downloading a PDF from PRO back to available for all members.

To make sure of what I was going to post I checked the Membership Comparison Chart on become a pro member today "which is in the top of all site pages for not pro accounts" https://www.instructables.com/account/gopro?sourcea=adspot
and I found that "view all steps "and "downloading PDF" features is unchecked for free members "and it's still unchecked until now "
so I wrote the topic and posted it..

I'd be grateful if you sent me Mr.Eric's comments link if you were sure about it


Post a recent pdf to make the point? L

Why do you think I would lie about something like that ?? It's better for me not to post this topic at all !! but here is the latest instructable you've posted : How to pickle eggs

I don't think you would, but the point is reinforced (thanks). I'm guessing that this is a hangover from the trial period that didn't get switched off. Whether that's a decision or erroneous I don't know, but it's interesting to be told. L

And the problem is...?
Anyway, that's interesting. It's weird that you don't have a pro badge though...
Not saying you're lieing

same here