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I'm searching for free plans for a cannon Answered

Hey everybody,
I'm searching for free plans to build a cannon.
Why? because I've seen the video of the mini cannon and I want to make one to.

The size of the plans doesn't matter(as long as the proportions are right of course), cause I probably gonna resize them any way. I do prefer if the measurements are in meters and not in inches.

Futhermore I would appreciate guides and tutorials about cannons and how they work.
Preferable cannons of napoleons time.

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Electronics Man (author)2011-08-06

Can you be more specific such as how big and what do you want it to shoot?

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______ (author)2010-11-07

Bullet shell cannon: 1. 30-6 bullet shell (without primer) 2. card board & ele tape 3. legal fire crackers Step 1 Roll 11/2''-2'' of card board into a tube, roll ele tape until covered with tape (replace every 15 shots). Step 2 insert fire cracker and fuse into shell make sure fuse came out hole(were primer was). Step 3 slide card board tube onto shell, load some thing into tube, lite fuse...BANG!!! Shoots 50'-200'

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LiquidLightning (author)2010-11-01

Not really napoleon era stuff, but you can stick them into a model.
http://www.diamondda2.tripod.com Buncha stuff on there :)

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