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I'm searching for free plans for a cannon Answered

Hey everybody,
I'm searching for free plans to build a cannon.
Why? because I've seen the video of the mini cannon and I want to make one to.

The size of the plans doesn't matter(as long as the proportions are right of course), cause I probably gonna resize them any way. I do prefer if the measurements are in meters and not in inches.

Futhermore I would appreciate guides and tutorials about cannons and how they work.
Preferable cannons of napoleons time.


Can you be more specific such as how big and what do you want it to shoot?


7 years ago

Bullet shell cannon: 1. 30-6 bullet shell (without primer) 2. card board & ele tape 3. legal fire crackers Step 1 Roll 11/2''-2'' of card board into a tube, roll ele tape until covered with tape (replace every 15 shots). Step 2 insert fire cracker and fuse into shell make sure fuse came out hole(were primer was). Step 3 slide card board tube onto shell, load some thing into tube, lite fuse...BANG!!! Shoots 50'-200'

Not really napoleon era stuff, but you can stick them into a model.
http://www.diamondda2.tripod.com Buncha stuff on there :)