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I'm tired of this, give me ideas please Answered

ok i need help, i've looked all over this instructables and everywhere else, and cant find anything on camping or hiking ideas or projects, just 1 camping chair (courtesy of Randy Sarafan a.k.a randofo) survival kits from LH, and other people, and some stoves, from alot of other people, thanks for helping me make one, but i need other ideas, if it helps, i have a broken camp chair, and a bunch of other stuff, and an old sleeping bag. any ideas will help, that'd be kool. thanks everyone.


Buy yourself a Boy Scout handbook, particularly an older one. I have mine - which showed a red-headed scout walking and waving toward the reader on the cover, and my cousin's older one, which showed a spirit rising from a campfire. Mine was good, his was better. Lots of ideas in there.

Both of them are going for about $7 on eBay. Well worth it. I have been out of the scouts for many years, and I still pick up one for snake and tree identification, outdoors games, etc.


10 years ago

See if you can fit everything you need for a full day outside on just a webbing belt or a very small pack (less than 20 litres, definitely). That means water, food, a cooker, fuel, a poncho or waterproofs, navigation aids, altoids tin first aid kit :) Then find somewhere far enough from home to be new but not far enough to be dangerous if you got injured or badly lost and test it all out. If there are some good rocks for climbing, caves for poking about in or a pond for raft building, make a trek out to them. Investigate can stoves, rocket stoves, those crazy Irish funnel kettle things that I've forgotten the name of, maybe the "pad of absorbent paper soaked in alcohol" stove, and see which design works best for you. Look into better designs for a camp chair or design your own. Get some cheap old waterproofs and sew your own uber-poncho. Design a "battle belt" to carry it all (or a rack for your bike if you are cyclically inclined) and again get busy with the canvas and a sewing machine or hit up second hand shops and army surplus for the parts to make your own. That enough ideas to go on for now?

I like the "meat soaked in grain alcohol stove."

I hope that's a good :-O... I have a lot of friends who are into camping, a few who are into military kit, trained for a 45-mile two-day hiking competition when I was 15, and generally grew up in a rural area where stuff like this is a consideration. Also I have an interest bordering on a fetish for can stoves...

yeah, i liked that i actually finished the can stove but i didnt have any alcohol so i was just thinking, well, now what? and didnt have any ideas.

find a boy scout handbook from back in the 60-70 was a do it your self for camping gear,sadly the new ones do not cover the making of camping gear.me ?i like to camp where i can fish so have to have a grill,tent other than that just quiet .

im sorry, what do you mean by navigation aids? map, compass? stuff like that?

Map, compass, GPS, pedometer, sextant- whatever you want, but the first three are the most common.

I'm with Kiteman on this one. What is the full list of things you usually take camping? We can probably lighten/improve/replace a lot of them.

take your broken chair and sleeping bag and make a bivy sack

make-do lean-to's, how to keep dry when you have not supplies, etc.

Here's an idea - make a list of the things you would normally take camping or hiking, and see if anybody comes up with ideas to make them better / lighter / cheaper.