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I'm trying to figure out live chiptune, is there a way to plug a guitar into a computer and ...? Answered

have it output it in a chiptuney way that i can make? Like a chiptune effects pedal in other words


If you've got a sound card just plug it into the mic input of the sound card.

Well duh. I'm wonderig if there's a program that can essentially turn a guitar into a midi controller

Well duh. Your question was not phrased very well and did not make it clear what you were looking for.

Had you mentioned that you KNEW how to input the guitar into the computer and that you were ONLY looking for some software to do the effects I could have given you a better answer.

Next time think before you post a question and as a more concise question.

You should know by now that you can find free software by googling for it.

Well duh he actually phrased his question as simple as possible he pretty much said "is there a guitar effects pedal that will make my guitar sound like chiptunes"
that means hardware i have no idea WTF you were going on about software for

The original question was edited after I posted my post.

Maybe you could try http://www.mwfx.co.uk 
I know they do an 8Bit pedal which sounds like the Atari Punk Console - without the oscillating. 
There's also a bit rate degrader there and other glitchy stuff.

I think Ork is right though, midi is the way to go for a really wide scape of chiptune sounds - maybe a Sonuus guitar 2 Midi in conjunction with Basic64 (http://www.delamancha.co.uk/basic.htm)

Guitar has a lot of strong overtones. That makes extracting the fundamental tones and recognizing the notes you're playing very difficult for a machine. So, no, conversion from normal guitar audio to MIDI control signals is not easy/cheap to do.

Stick with analog processing, or get a MIDI guitar (also not cheap), or switch to some other MIDI controller (keyboards is a good skill to have anyway.)


7 years ago

If you just want to hook up your guitar to your PC, try out target.com and search for "guitar USB" (without the "").
It'll bring up a guitar cord which can be plugged into a PC via USB.