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I'm trying to get a motor to go down a certain height, any suggestions on type of motor, how to set it up on a switch? Answered



You know it would help, just once if the OP would come back with more information when requested rather than leaving things in the dark!!

Old garage door opener comes with track chain drive switches everything you want even a remote control.


4 years ago

A gear motor is your best bet available from Grainger

If that is too expensive a DC cordless drill motor from Harbor Freight for $20

Then use a micro switch in series with the motor to stop it at the "certain height"


Does the motor need to be driven up and down?

Does the motor actually have to move up and down?

How far

What sort of load?

Need more information then that. What are you trying to move? How big, how heavy? How are you planing to make it move. Will it be going up and down a string or a track?