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I'm trying to teach my dog lay down. When I try what a different website did, instead of laying down, he walks toward it Answered

The website said to hold a treat, let him sniff it, tell him to sit, and slowly edge it away so he lays down. My dog is not too smart, so he didn't do it... Do you know an easier way? --Olivia M.


While on one knee, extend your other leg - with treat in hand lead your dog under your extended leg - this action should force your dog down instinctively while attempting to retrieve the treat.

both answers I agree with, the importance is in the motion and you have to be in charge, so tell him lay down and then take the hand with the treat and out in on the floor so he follows it, if he dosent do it dont give him the treat,do it 3 or until you feel comfortable and if he still dosent do it male him lay (dont get upset or angry just kinda firmly lay him down and say good boy, give 1/2 the treat and do it agaim. and angain and again :) daily till he gets it, believe me he will

What "its a lion" said. You don't just pull the treat away, you "push" it down to the floor, THEN pull it away. The dog should follow it down, then stretch out trying to get the treat.

What I did to train mine is, after he sits, I would place my hand (with treat in it) on the floor. He would follow it down. That would result in two things, he would either stand up and try to get it, or he would lay down. You may have to work on positioning the treat to the right distance from him.