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Image Notes Answered

I can't get the image notes to work! Can someone help me???


I DID ask you for help! You said you were too busy!
(and, I WAS using IE!)

So. Frustrating.

That sometimes happens to me too. Sometimes I have to actually be in the EDIT mode to use it. But I have found this site more suited for FireFox then for IE, but IE still works :-)

Do you think you Popup blocker or some other IE setting might be interfering?

Yea, I tried it in edit mode, but I don't think that the popup blocker is the problem, because when it blocks a popup it gives me a little note thingie at the top of the screen when it blocks a popup. I don't know about any other settings that would interfere. :-/ I'll try it in FireFox, though. Thanks.

Let me know, how it goes :-) maybe we can brain storm a solution :-)

YAY! It worked on FireFox! Hooray! Thanks, Goodhart!

You're welcome :-) Instructables has a few issues with MSIE....or is that the other way around? :-) Glad I could help

Yeah, well, I didn't hear you! I'm sorry! Next time, ASK LOUDER! :D

You can't do them right away, right after you've uploaded them. You have to preview the instructable, click and drag to form a box on the picture.

I know, I tried waiting a couple of days and previewing the Instructable, but even now it still won't work. :(

Hmmm, I don't know then. Is it actually giving you an error message or just not working? You might want to try a different browser. Sometimes that helps me.

It's just not working. Frustrating. Oh well. Thanks for your help!

HK! Just TELL me if you're having issues! Don't you TRUST me?!

Just use IE. If that doesn't work, I'll show you what I had to do.

Posting a topic instead of asking me. So. Frustrating.