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Image note bug Answered

It seems anybody can leave image notes on anybody's forum images. I haven't checked project images.


Nah, just on yours, Kiteman :-)

...probably. Actually, I have left a single note on one of Jake's images...

You're cuddling a special friend...

Project images are unaffected.

i saw wat u did thar! you is trollin!

Methinks that this isn't a bug, but a feature!

:( Another so called "feature" that you can only disable by going pro?

Bump. Notice with the first image the "Edit" and "Delete". And with the second where I've clicked "Edit", and I can. I believe this should be fixed as soon as possible because otherwise there'll be lots of graffiti...ing of images!

Pic thingo.pngPic thingo 2.png

Wow, cool. I wonder how many images will be effected.


Ah. That's what I typed, then I over thought and changed it to effected. :P

Oh, and project pics don't work.


9 years ago

Bumpus is cool. :3