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Image notes at bottom of image don't show caption Answered

The final image on https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Skull-Display/ has an image note that reaches to the bottom edge of the image, which means the caption (positioned below the mouseover box) falls off the bottom of the image and can't be read.  A little "smartness" in caption placement would sort this out- if the note is within a short distance of the bottom of the image, place the caption to the right instead.

I can't remember if the old image layout did this as well but I don't see why the layout change would have caused this bug.


I've made a bug report for this. In the meantime I would suggest editing your image box to terminate further up from the bottom so we can read your image note.

I think it's due to the new layout of the pictures, as it resizes some of them and clusters them into that one pane. I've noticed that if you click on them and view them in slideshow mode, it seems to clear up.