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Image use from sites such as Pixabay, for example? Answered

I have seen many folks ask similar questions, but I wanted to be absolutely sure about this before starting my first instructable.

Can you use images from sites such as Pixabay? For those of you who are unfamiliar, Pixabay is a great site to pick up photos that are free for commercial use with no attribution required. I imagine this is 100% okay, but I wanted quick confirmation just to be sure.

Thanks in advance for your response!  



Best Answer 1 year ago

I would put a notation that the pictures were taken by someone else and you have permission to use them. That way you cut off any complaints before they have a chance to happen. With Instructables the presumption is that the pictures that you post are your pictures, but that is not a rule. But having your own pictures helps to indicate that it is your project. There have been some cases of people who have made an instructable that claimed they made something when in fact they purchased it. So your own pictures provide the proof that what you have was actually made by you. You may sometimes see an instructable where people ask them to provide more pictures. I liken it to a math teacher asking you to show your work on how you came up with an answer.

If you saw that and decided to make your own, Yes.

But for how you made it, your own picks is preferred.

Thanks everyone for your help!

There should be no problem but as Vyger pointed out it can be tricky.
I sometimes use images from Wikipedia to show certain things but would not use them to show how I did something.
Still a great way to get images of things you don't have at hand and can be helpful to understand an Instructable better.
Just don't make an Instructable purely based on foreign images or use one for the intro pic as that would cause problems with Google and the image search.