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Images and rollovers in Opera Answered

Images often do not work in Opera, the little inline galleries per instructable don't work (can't click on images), and rollover tooltips for images don't work. JS error is thrown:

message: Statement on line 3: Undefined variable: HelpBubble
Line 3 of inline#12 script in https://www.instructables.com/id/SRLH6Q1FK75CZBS/
new HelpBubble({

Not sure about the gallery clickables, might be due to the erroring inline script.


i have the same problem. And i do NOT want to switch to piece a crap IE. and i do NOT want to switch to firefox because opera can do about 45023548 times as much as both of them put together. FIX THE OPERA BUGS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!.......um, please?


9 years ago

You're not going to like this, I'm afraid, but Opera users are a really small fraction of our user base and we generally cannot put much time into making sure the site details work in that browser. We have to be satisfied with the content being generally available. As I suspect you are aware, tweaking code to be cross-browser compatible is a long and arduous task, made geometrically harder by the addition of even one more browser, and we just don't have the Opera user base to make it cost effective for us. Another user commented on a different bug forum that there was a javascript bug in Opera that he thought was causing similar issues. I can't confirm this myself but if that's true, the next release of Opera might run the javascript correctly.

Similar problem in Google Chrome I am sorry to report.


9 years ago

I had the same problem. But when I right mouse clicked, selected Site Prefrences, went to tab Network, and in the bottem drop down box selected "mask as Firefox". They work!!! This is using opera 9.52 for linux, but I suspect it will work on all opera.