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Importing a library into arduino software? Answered

Well this is embarrassing...I have imported a library into the arduino software before, but I completely forgot how.  I have tried looking it up, but all of the projects I have looked at basically assume that you know how already.  I don't think it matters at all, but I have windows 7.  Also I have arduino 0017.

Thanks in Advance



For some reason there is to arduino program file on my computer, and I was putting the libraries in the wrong one, but I figured it out when one of them said Arduino0017.  I had been using that method but the wrong folder...



 for arduino 17, the folder for libraries is inside the hardware folder.  post the folder with the .ccp and .h files there.  in 18, it's its own folder.

Drop the folder with the .cpp and .h files into the folder called library, look under the file>examples menu and you should see your library.
I hope this helps!