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In UK law, what exactly is counted as 'modifying the appearance of this airsoft gun'? Answered

In UK law, what exactly is counted as 'modifying the appearance of this airsoft gun'?

Does it mean changing its colour? (it is currently a 2-tone no VCRA required airsoft gun)

Would this be breaching this law:

Creating a minigun out of PVC pipe, spray painting it, and slotting the airsoft gun into the bottom to make the model seem functionable, within the airsoft guns usual limits.


Ask your Local Authority Having Jurisdiction -- starting with your local police station's community information officer is a good bet.

If I had to guess, I would say that what you have described is almost certainly outside the limits of what they want to allow you to do.

Remember, what the police want is to be able to recognize an airsoft gun at a glance, so people don't take it for a real weapon and respond by, eg, shooting _you_. (No joke. It has happened. This is definitely an area where asking for permission is better than asking for forgiveness.)

Exactly.  The guns should be bright colors and quite noticeably not a real gun.  If you've painted it black/gray/tan/camo, you might be in breech.  You really don't want it to look like a real gun.

Well, I've never seen a bright orange real minigun, but they should totally make one. That would be awesome.

Painting it all black

You think I don't know that? I skirmish regularly! This question is old!

As long as you dont change it on the outside dramatically (for instance spraying it black) you should be ok. the minigun would be a grey area in the law but i wouldnt do it without a ukara membership (got to be 18 and a member/regular of a local club) However. the whole vcr act is contradictory anyway. just dont act like a fool with it and give the rest of us airsofters a bad name.

I should have closed this a long time ago... I aborted this project a while ago on a count of mini uzi failure :-(

In general, it means removing or painting over the orange tip. As long as it has that, you're OK.