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In a dark corner Answered

What do you do when you publish an Instructable that would be helpful to many, but its posting is delayed several days. When it finally appears, there are five pages of newer Instructables and no one ever finds yours in the "Recent" listings? Do you unpublish and republish it, hoping it will get moved to the front of the pile? Does that even work? Do you shamelessly make comments leading others to it in previously published Instructables that are still gathering some hits? Do you just wait until people discover it somehow through using Randomizer and a link or two on Google?


This happened to my trip mine Instructable. It never showed up on "recent", but it still has plenty of views.

Phil B

9 years ago

Saturday I published three 'ibles. The first one did not appear until about noon local time (which is 18 hours UTC), a bit more than two days later. The other two were on display within a few minutes. It is one of those two that was featured (Making a square square). The first one is now five pages back in the Recent pages. I figure I will watch and see what happens with it. Some I posted back a few weeks still get a trickle of hits for who knows what reason. Thank you, both.

Your latest is featured... Unless you haven't published, it should appear at the front, but low on your own published list.

agreed, your doing a pretty good job so far, plenty of views on all your ibles, especially the featured ones. Most the time, people will look through and find your ible, then, anyone specifically looking for it via google, or the ibles search.