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In celebration of my successful rebuilding of my XP machine.... Answered

Robot and I went out on the town (my wife came along too)

I can't afford to go TO fancy or very far, but we get to do something every now and then :-)

BTW: the restaurant proper, is called Huckleberry's (formerly named the same as the Hotel).

Here's a link to Huckleberry's.

Below are the pictures:


Haha, I just Rebuilded XP on my PC too. It had a corrupted boot sector, Ruined installation and all that madness

Thankfully for me, mine would still reboot and I was able to get some stuff backed up before it erased everything :-)

Well if you reinstall you have an option to rename all of the folders to something else so you can install it, I found out , The only folder not overwritten, Renamed, Is the Program files folder.

Yes, it did an auto backup before wiping it all, but it is a pain to decompress and restore individual files.

It's nice to get out every once in a while. I think I remember seeing that place all lit up somewhere in Amish country. We always wanted to try staying at the place that has old train cabooses converted into a hotel/seedy motel. Don't know if that is still there, it's been a long time ago.

There's a great place I stayed in just outside of Dunfanaghy that's like that, the rooms are a little small on it because it's also a campsite but the main bit's like a train station with a carriage sitting in it... Lovely place, though the guy that runs it can be questionable at times...

The one in my area I linked to below, is a nice place, but overpriced as it is a heavy tourist arearead TRAP

Yes, there is....I am not sure if you were referring to the same one or not, but there is one that has been around awhile link here and some more info about it.... at this link.. It was around 1969 (I was but 11 years old at the time) when they started with it, IIRC.

Also, there is one in VA linked here...

Now that its summer, I like to go eat out more. The main 2 restaurants my family and I go to are Captain D's (seafood restaurant), and Raising Cane's (chicken restaurant). anyways, good for you man! Give yourself a pat on the back!

Thanks. It wasn't as difficult as I expected, but is was very time consuming. Although my wife likes KFC, I prefer Popeye's for chicken. Still, I like to eat out occasionally in better restaurants, so I look for coupons all the time :-)

Glad about it - what did you eat there? L

My wife and I had the same thing, only she had her sauce on the side, it was called: Chicken and Country Ham - Pan-seared boneless chicken breast, baked with julienne country ham in Parmesan cream sauce, specially spiced by Chef Michael (I kid you not), accompanied by roasted herbed potatoes and garlic/butter asparagus.

Chicken, cheese ham, mmm - sounds like it could be good, but do you know what the spicing was? Spice-Weasel?


Hmm, I might have been able to pick out some of them at the time....but I am not sure now. I was very good though (I do remember that there was a white Parmesan cream sauce over it all. Um, it had a distinct flavor IIRC, maybe a touch of brandy, or some wine in it , I am not positive. Although it was good, it was by no means a feast. My wife was able to save some for another meal, but I was not :-)


9 years ago

ooooo, im guessing the steamboat is a historical type place...sounds like it was fun...i like the first picture best you kinda have that bad-boy-thumbs-in-the-belt type look LOL

ps, i didn't know you had a time traveler....

Yes, in a way I suppose it is historical although quite a distance from any bodies of water :-)

ps answer: yeah, I don't like to brag about it ;-) This was a transport back to the weeks after Robert Fulton's successful steamboat ride when he finally started making REAL money.....by converting it to a hotel LOL

i mean yay time travel


Yes, I am hoping to have a back up system in place before this happens again ;-)

I have a double back up system! One goes off site incase of fire.

I don't really think I have anything that important :-) But it would be a lot less hassle to be able to restore, rather then go and download, all my tools, and stuff.

Yes, now comes the tedious job of putting back all the misc. files (photos, etc) that my wife had me save (and I needed to save), sigh