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In depth preventative car maintenance....? Answered

I've recently got a 1996 Dodge Neon. Sat untouched in the winter for a year or two. After using it; things have been failing left and right in the vehicle...

What are some things i can do to clean out or revamp my car to make it in tip-top "like new" shape?? I'm not at all shy to do anything under the hood. I'm just unsure of which direction i should go. I'd very much like to complete this before winter.

Some tips and details would be GREATLY appreciated.


I think that http://www.iautobodyparts.com/guide_and_tips.html is what you all need. It has got everything right from the basic maintenance tips to hardcore DIY’s along with all the essential information that would certainly help you in enhancing the performance of your vehicle. It will surely help you in maintaining your vehicle in great shape and condition. Give it a worth look.

Drain and refill the gas tank.

Whats the proper way to clean the engine? Inside and out.

.  You're going to have problems with a 15 year old car - get used to it.
.  First thing to do is check the owner's manual and follow all the maintenance recommendations. If you didn't get one with the car, you should be able to find one online. It probably won't be free, but it will be well worth the $15-20 it will cost.
.  Keeping the air filter clean and the oil and filter changed are a must if you expect the engine to last very long.
.  This would probably be a good time to change the fluid and filter(s) in the transmission. If rear-wheel drive, change the differential fluid.
.  Flush the engine cooling system per manufacturer's procedure and refill with fresh antifreeze. Do NOT use plain water in a modern engine (or any engine with aluminum parts).
.  Inspect spark plugs and replace if needed.
.  Go to your local auto parts store and buy a maintenance manual for your vehicle. Along with the owner's manual, a good investment of $15-20.
.  Check all vacuum lines and hoses. Replace as needed.
.  &c, &c, &c

.  Check the belt(s) on the engine. Replace if any cracks.
.  Replace the fuel filter.

Check this out.

Then google "car maintenance schedule" and read more.