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In what electrical objects can I find op amps? Answered

Hello again,

I'm searching for good op amps.

They don't have to be power op amps, but it would be nice if it also had some protection circuits like a current limiter.
It needs to take at least 25V differential between the negative and positive supply voltage.
It should be a chip with at least two op amps inside it.

Are there any broken electrical items that have these inside?
I know they are 'used a lot' but somehow I don't find them often.





Best Answer 6 years ago

Do you have any old TV circuit boards lying around such as the one you got your flyback from? As I have actually found a few op-amps on the TV circuit board, they were 8 pin dip packages (like 555 chips) and I think there was about 4 of them in total.

Might be worth a look,


buy new they are cheap enough and you will know what your getting.

I got some from a broken 1970's tape deck.

Well done - what kind ?

Old TVs are one source. Funny, I can't really think of many consumer items that would use them these days - try old hi-fi, radios etc too.