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Inconspicuously hiding an i-pod in a trunk? Answered

Im going to scout camp in a few days, and i enjoy listening to my i-touch during the drive and while relaxing after a hard day of rafting or what have you. My trunk is a med/heavy plastic footlocker type dealie with a master lock on it. But in the chance someone gets "teh sticky fing0rz" i would like to have a little extra piece of mind.

Anyways i would like multiple ways to hold an i touch and a phone(1/2x2) in some un-eyecatching container. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

Most times people with "teh sticky fing0rz" will destroy your stuff looking for your valuables so the best thing you can do in life is leave a little bit of money where the thiefs will look and hide your valueables. Most times they will take the bait and steal your bait money and leave it at that. I would suggest you hide your i-pod and place a few dollar in bills on the top of your trunk.

I'm guessing your a scout and not a scoutmaster. I'd recommend hiding it in something that you'd normally carry around that wouldn't be conspicuous. I don't know if walkman or other any media players are allowed there, but if so Burf's idea isn't half bad - and if you can make it use the same audio port you'd be golden. You could also stash it somewhere, add an FM radio transmitter (they're small and inexpensive) and use another FM radio to listen to your songs... I think your problem may end up being how to recharge it inconspicuously also. You could get a charger that uses batteries, and say that the AA's are for your walkman (people will roll their eyes and tell you to get with the times).

One thing males look after is their testes - keep it close to your groin in your pocket / pants.


decent idea but i may just go with a empty clorox wipe bottle and keep my i-touch, phone, and a few dollars in it. Mabye put some old rags in it to mimic the weght.

good and potentially bad idea in one: hide it in garbage. get a garbage can, line it with a bag and put some empty coffee cups and wrappers etc in it - - put the valuables under the bag. Nobody emptys the garbage. Bad part: you might accidentally throw it away.


8 years ago

Hollow out and old book on bird watching or something equally uninteresting.
Remove the guts from a ratty, old transistor radio or Walkman and stash the iTouch inside.
Cut the bottom out of an empty  plastic, Gold Bond medicated powder container.
Shove it in a pair of old socks.

Great Ideas. Especially the Gold Bond. It's something that would be expected to be there.

Here's a shameless promotion of my instructable on a book safe.

Does it have the lift out tray. If so then I'd apply velcro to the bottom of the tray and the back of the ipod and stick it there when not in use. It won't be very noticeable and would be overlooked if your footlocker gets searched.