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Increase stomach capacity Answered

It is my cousin's wedding soon. It's an indian wedding so many 'events' and lots of food (yes, it is indian). But what I really need is a bigger stomach to fit it all in. How do you do this??


Attach a hose to a balloon and swallow it. Once it's down there, inflate the balloon. Don't worry about it bursting, you'll at least get a Darwin award.

See my instructable to inflate your stomach (it'll stretch like hell!) Just overfill it a little bit (it may be a bit painful)

It's, y'know, a little late...like more than one year... :D

Eat a ton. It'll stretch out your stomach.

dude just drink coke and eat mentos for like 2 days lol

the stomach will eaxpand and them you'll have froth coming out of just about every orifice

Try smoking icky sticky, do that for a week and I garentee that you'll be able to eat a crapload more.

where did my post go? and killersomthingorothericantspellit's reply go?


10 years ago

Ooh, that's so funny!! xD

personally i dont want to look like this guy



10 years ago

Heh - from the Wikipedia page on Competitive Eating:

"Stomach elasticity is usually considered the key to eating success, and competitors commonly train by drinking large amounts of water over a short time to stretch out the stomach. The International Federation of Competitive Eating actively discourages training of any sort."

Safety note: you can get water poisoning from drinking large amounts of pure water. Use some sort of sports drink to keep your electrolyte balance up.

Even better: fast the day before, and try to practice moderation during the event...