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Increasing the range of an RFID implant Answered

So i was already planning on making both my cars keyless with RFID technology and possibly the house door to and i stumbled upon RFID implants. now they are pretty new to me but every thing i have seen on them, they are only able to be read at about 2 inches away.  With a good enough reciever could i increase that range to work better for my applicatiion?


you don't really want RFID, it's an ID system, where your locks would have to continuously chew power scanning for the RFID key, and then you'd need processing hardware interfaces etc.
You' could probably but a conversion-kit fr a car?


the power consumption on the readers is nominal on a normal RFID system.... they don't draw much...the spec sheet on the reader that's on my desk says that it's uses from 5-16vdc (can go as low as 4.25) at 50mA during reading and 35mA during idle. doesn't seem like a massive power requirement.

of course, the power draw of concern would be whatever your reader is hooked to that actually interperets the read numbers and performs an action. i wouild imagine, with some work, you could find a way to do that with something that doesn't draw as much juice as a normal RFID door panel or a computer.

if you were really concerned about the power usage of the reader, you could create a hybrid system where it's got a magnetic reed switch that disables the reader in normal conditions, then you could have a magnetic fob with the RFID chip in it. when the magnet makes contact it would turn the reader on and read the chip. we've got a system for our security guards that works this way. it's called the Deggy (something or another)....it's a little pipe shaped wand and they place the end of it on "points" through out the building to check in on their normal inspection tour. the magnet turns the pipe on, it reads the RFID chip, then turns back off

(Inverse)-square law: RFIDs are not normally used at long-range.
1 order of magnitude distance=100x power.


that's what i was imagining. my power ratings are for regular systems that have centimeter ranges on the reading distance.

my response didn't take into acount the OPs request for multiple feet of reading distance

Couldn't i have the reader connected to a microchip and just have the microchip in a sort of hibernate mode until a signal is recieved. i know the microcontroller i plan on using has a hibernate function. And i dont want to have to contact anything. I want the system to read the RFID tag(or whatever form i may choose to use) from about 4 feet from the actual car

how would you get the controller out of hibernate without an external signal? if it powers down the reader to save power then it won't know that you want it to read unless there's some form of signal.

no matter how neat you think it might be for your car to unlock and start up when you're 4 feet away from it, i can assure you it would get to be a pain at some point. any time you walked near it with your keys, even if you weren't wanting to go into the car at the time, it would do whatever you have it programmed to do. which would add wear/tear on your locks. 

And as far as tracking goes. I'm a 17 year old kid with no fame and no one in my family is famous in any way or has any information that any one wants or could benefit from in anyway. Who in their right mind has any need and/or want to track me in any way, shape, or form?

. Not saying anyone wants to track you, just that the technology often uses "long range" RFID.

I can't find much on RFID implants at all anywhere. I searched everywhere for Verichip which seems to be the major company but can't find anything. I guess it makes sense that you can't just buy the chip anywhere because they dont want people just implanting themselves. So does anyone know anything about how you would go about getting one?

All keyless car systems use some sort of RFID technology so a conversion kit would be no better then making my own. when i say increase the range i mean like withing 4 to 5 feet of the car. not a mile.

Thinking about this you don't WANT a long range unless you really want someone to drive your enabled car off your driveway while you are in the house.


.  There is a limit to how much radiation you want to bombard an embedded tag (and the surrounding tissue) with, but, as steveastrouk says, a good transceiver will dramatically increase the range.
.  Try searching for "RFID implant tracking" "embedded RFID tracking", &c for more info. "RFID badge tracking" might yield some interesting results.

Yes, improving the transceiver will increase the range considertably.