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Incredi-mods Answered

Ook, so I realize there are a few groups that have to do with gun modifications. BUT, I couldn't find a FORUM for them, so I am making one. In this forum, we are to share our coolest, most successful mods of knex weapons here. If you are to describe a mod, you MUST include at least one picture, so we can all admire your handy-work.

I'll go first. I recently (as in last night) built the mod of Jager's rifle from THIS IBLE and found the gun a bit faulty. Since it uses a lot of pieces, I was in no rush to dismantle it immediately, and rather, I tore its insides out and put my own in. The result is an enormous mod of a mod with a four-shot magazine for orange connectors with grays and a sleek look similar to the original mod.

P.S. The picture is from a bad lighting/angle... the gun looks a lot cooler in person.


Hehe, no school! =P

Anywway, here are the mods of Jammys storm 22 pistol =D!

For Jammy 1.bmpFor Jammy 2.bmpFor Jammy 3.bmpFor Jammy 4.bmp

Why can you never post good quality pictures? I mean there always at an awkward angle of something.

Those guns were old, I have much better ones, search Pickies on Tinypic, you'll see my bullpoop, it's not better, but it was a bullpup bottom loading bolt action rifle, lol. And my Halo 3 BR.

I made some minor mods to the BRv1, not really that helpful, but still mods.

BRV1 001.JPG

I like it. You could try fitting my slide to it if you want. This pic is old, I have now filled in the stock.


Oh, that one was an older version. I remade it, made it better than this one, made a video about it, and took it apart for stuff.

Ah, I'll try and find the video.

I have the video on my revised TR8 review.

Hehe I had this, the I made the TR-18 and now I have the pump action TR-18! KillerK said the TR-36 was not as good as the 18 so I stuck with it.

The only real disadvantage of the 36 compared to the 18 shot is the mobility. A front heavy turret does slow you down some.

Yeah and it's a pain to load the barrels anyway, 18 barrels for me is more than enough

still 36 hard shots can last you a while, it kinda is better with the 36 because it loooks like a minigun

I'm not actually laughing I just had nothing better to say.

Where are the damn instructions for the br, anyway?

This version isn't posted. Bakenbitz posted a br36 on ki tho.


KillerK's answer (the TR-8) is the same as the k'nex sayer but it uses less pieces. Also there are versions with 18 or 36 (I think) barrels! Also it is pump action (optional) too!

Wow that was 7 months old...... And I KNOW BY NOW

yeah no. go look up the definition on wikipedia or something.


9 years ago

KillerK pistol mod: hold your ammo in the handle! I have two of these and they are mirrored for DUEL WIELDING!

I thought it would be something like auto loading... oh well.

Nah, It's only a simple thing, but you'll be AMAZED at the difference it makes in battles, especially with duel pistols! When you go to retrieve your shot, you still have a bullet just in case you get into a situation. This is my "official weapon" (as you put it) for battles.

It's true, the easy access of another shot does come in handy. I suppose it can't be used with a KK sniper shot, as the fins would get in the way?

Actually if you just move the ball joint piece 'down the handle' then you could quite easily fit fins on. I only use fins on my SRv2 though as I only use this thing at close range.

I modded Baken Bitz Knex War Gun It's now a slingshot gun sniper =p... PS It looks way better in person

new rifle 001.jpg

Trust me it was... lol I just made it way longer, gutted it, changed the trigger a little and now its a slingshot gun! =)

I probably already showed you this, but I gave your officially official secondary weapon a removable mag function.


Yeah you did but this is still cool I'm glad you posted in this forum.

Oh, if you can, could you post instructions for that mod of the mod of Jager's rifle? I'm finding it very glitchy also :S

I modded Ooda's cannon a lot.