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Incubated Pheasant has Egg Peeped, but then Stopped. What should I do? Please Help Soon Answered

On 7-09-13 at around 7:00P.M. the first pheasant egg in the incubator peeped.  It made a new crack yesterday next to the first hole like it is going around, but it hasn't done anything more.  Is this normal, if not, what should I do?  It has been 38 hours.

Thanks for any help


You can try helping the chick out by cracking the shell (Carefully). Maybe it's tired.

There will be one of 2 outcomes

- 1 the chick will be fine

2. the chick is dead. It happens.

Have you ever hatched poultry eggs? I see the chick moving around in side so I know that it is not dead. How long can the chick survive without extra food?

How long has the chick been trying to break free? It can take 12 hours or more for them to break free. The chick may not appear too active cause they take a lot of breaks. If this goes on for more than 12 hours then give it a helping hand. But it's best if they do it on there own.

Yes indeed we do raise our own chicks. We keep about 20 chickens not all self hatched but some are.


Latest brood but now 6 months old and laying Blue eggs :-)


5 years ago

Some eggs, chicks, will poke a breathing hole in the shell. The shell is semi porous so it does breath but for some birds its not enough oxygen and they poke a breathing hole. I would just let it be. It may not be ready to come out yet. They have a surplus of nutrients in the yolk that can last them for quite a while. On some hatchlings you can actually see the yolk in them if they don't have feathers. So don't rush it. They know what their time table is. By the way they can hear already in the shell also. They may be listening for their mothers. You could try downloading the sound the mothers make and play it for them and see if they respond. Often the chicks will and sometimes will chirp back.

I see feathers and eyes looking at me through the hole. If I talk to it, it responds by cheeping back and also it starts pecking at the shell. But it never gets very far :(

Did you turn the eggs every day, several times a day?
Why do I ask that? Because if you don't rotate the eggs while they are developing they will settle down to the low spot and bind to the egg shell.
The hens never helps the chicks to hatch. Its something they have to do on their own.
What is amazing though is that even though the eggs are laid several days apart over a week or more they all usually hatch close to the same time. That is because the mom doesn't incubate in earnest until the last egg is laid.