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Induction cooker or induction heating. DIY project circuit diagram. schematics or anything to make a project Answered

I'm Bachelor of engineering student. For my final semester project i have chosen Induction cooker as my project. I know how it works and I'm very known to micro controllers. I searched on Google for a perfect circuit to  make an induction cooker(~0.5-1kw) ..I know PCB design and fabrication. I can get any thickness copper wire to make coils.
1) I know the principle of working of induction cooker.
2)I know switching devices are used to convert normal voltage to high frequency power .
3) I can get raw materials and required components.
4) I NEED its CIRCUIT diagram to complete working project. I will fabricate and produce it myself. It s for my Project.
5) out put power may be anything from ~0.5 to ~1kw or lesser but project must be working at the time of demonstration to the examiner.
6) efficiency and all doesn't matter much as examiner wont measure all those things in practical session.


Don't have much time to chose another project. I'm very interested in this topic.
or suggest me any other in this power electronics field. Thanks



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Go look Here.


This is really good and i too have looked at it once while i was goggling. anyway thanks for you. But i wanted little more complicated design or full bridge type. I was searching about a heater like pancake coil shaped. I would like to do for food cooking than metal heating. I have searched a lot. but didn't get a near circuit diagram. This is really nice but for my project it will be simple one. if you have any knowledge to upgrade it ? i can

If you are an engineering student then design a circuit. I'm an electronics engineer and would have no trouble designing a HF induction heater circuit, it's only an RF amplifier with tuned circuit load.

Google is your friend, or even try a LIBRARY, especially the university library, you may find they have old-fashioned things called "books", which believe it or not are made from dead trees, but often contain circuit diagrams and design references THAT AREN'T ONLINE ! Can you believe it ?

Try it.

You could also try suggesting how you MIGHT design it, and we can tell you if you are right: HINT: THINK RESONANCE.


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