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Inexplicable Popularity Answered

This is an issue that has always puzzled me, and more recently affected me. And it is entirely based on the phenomenon of an old forum topic being suddenly and randomly restored to the front of the board after an extended vacation to the back of the list. My topic, "Facebook for Nerds" has been one of the recent reincarnations to be affected and no matter how much it pleases me that someone new felt a need to comment on my original post, It begs the question of "why now" and "why this one"?


Someone commented, so it was bumped up.

We know what happened, the question was why did it happen - why did somebody go months back through the forum pages to comment on an old topic?

I can't believe no one has re-commented on this one yet! I couldn't resist!!!!

why now?
because I searched the forums to avoid asking a question that had already been asked, and this was the second in the list so was reading it.

why this one?
because I searched for "how is popular calculated", and this contains the word "popularity". To be fair, if the subject hadn't of been what it was, then I wouldn't of commented!

I'm going to remember this topic....
Any ways, someone might have thought the topic was interesting and wanted to reply to it, or just start the conversation back up.

Without looking at the topic, possibly a new(ish) member wanted to say something about Facebook, and quite sensibly searched the forum to see if it was already being discussed?

Or maybe the resurrecting poster has just subscribed to you, and was browsing your topics when he spotted a comment he felt the urge to reply to?

That's probably the case in a number of instances.

Two theories:
-The "bumper" was looking through the poster's Member page, found the topic, clicked on it, and added to it.
-The "bumper" found or was sent a link to the forum topic, clicked on it, and added to it.
In either case, it makes a two-year-old topic jump to the front with a "last reply: 1 second ago" notation, and then people click on it to see whats up, and it is treated exactly like a fresh topic.

I guess, on a bank holiday, someone was bored and searched through topics, commenting on the ones they found interesting. Deleting dead topics is the answer.