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Informal Poll: Watermelon- Salted or Not? Answered

Does anyone here put salt and/or pepper on their watermelon?

Please post your country/location when replying... and thanks!


No salt on my watermelon. This is probably one of my favorite snacks for any time and I prefer them at their most natural state! :)

no salt usa

no, i want it to be sweet

Definetely salty!

lol... I've got a salted watermelon pop with your name on it! ;-)

Please freeze it until I can get there! Mouth watering already!


6 years ago

Watermelon plain unless rum soaked :)

I like mine with super-salty French or Bulgarian feta. So, salted :)

For sweet, aged balsamic syrup is delicious.

Watermelon with really good balsamic is always amazing but the best way to have them is with salt and lemon, and chili powder!

Now it's Chili powder? lol... where have I been living??? Under a rock?

Who knows these things???? ;-D

So... Caitlinsdad wasn't just kidding when he suggested lime and hot sauce?

My babysitter is from mexico and that is the only way they eat it there. I was a little hesitant at first but now I love it! Their is this seasoning called tajin that is sold at some grocery stores. It is somewhat spicy but mostly lemony and salty. It is amazing!


FlatLinerMEDIC also mentioned using Tajin. I spend every Winter down in Baja so I'm sure I can find this seasoning mix.

What I've never seen is Watermelon in La Bocana (our sleepy fishing town) so it looks like I'll be toting some frozen pulp down there next month.

This is great! Thank you so much rrkrose!!!

yeah.. I've tried to put some salt in watermelons, tastes good, but I still prefer to eat it with no salt at all... I enjoyed its refreshing juice especially during summer...

Dunno. But mangos--definitely salted. : )

Interesting! You've got me thinking that Papaya might benefit from a smidge of salt... hmmmmmmmmm.

don't forget about hot sauce and lemon or lime.

We use to put some salt on watermelon as kids. Never heard of using pepper. Parents were immigrants from what is considered the "redneck" part of China so I don't know where they got the idea from. I guess it might be to replenish your body salts as you sweat it out and need to eat watermelon to cool down. It wasn't too common when I lived down South but not odd if you saw someone doing it. It is probably considered not healthy nowadays but just a touch of salt does make watermelon taste sweeter - does something to activate the taste buds... Then again, we had stir-fried lettuce as kids.

Redneck Chinese?

That's, what, eating Jambalaya with chopsticks? Copies of Mao's Little Red Book bound in alligator hide? Sun Tzu translated into Cajun?


Oh, my...

Would a yee ha! be terribly inappropriate?

Hmmm, Jambalaya, you're thinking Cajun (Les Acadiens i.e. the French speaking Canadians) whereas redneck is more of a lifestyle rather than an ethnic group :-)

Fried green tomatoes for lunch and cream on biscuit for breakfast, partner! You all 'r welcome!

Fried okra and cornbread hush puppies are favs.

I prefer my okra in a nice thick gumbo ummm um

Ugh, I have to avoid fried, but I do like a good green tomater pie ;-)

Stir-fried lettuce sounds resourceful to me. I've eaten it boiled when my cupboard was bare.

I think you're correct about salt making the watermelon taste sweeter.

UK - never even heard of watermelon being seasoned.

Same here. I'm in the Netherlands.

Thank you for commenting!

lol... must be another Redneck thang. ;-D

I have eaten lots of salted watermelon and it's not bad... but cantaloupe is REALLY what you should salt! It's sooooo good. I could eat a 10 pound cantaloupe all by myself if I was given enough salt. :D

Salt on cantaloupe... one of my hubby's favorite, too!

Oh, and I totally forgot - Kentucky for me! Might have lived in California for a couple months but I don't think I'll ever claim it as home, haha

lol Jessy... can't fault you for that.  I was born and raised in So. Cal and I still don't claim it as home. ;-)

east coast USA, no salt when I was younger, and now definitely none :-)

I heard of salt on fresh tomatoes but gin in watermelon.

Gin? I've heard of Vodka but not gin.

Current tab: 3 No salt. Noted and thank you. ;-)

Salt- just a little bit, and just on the part you're eating. Salt it too soon and it disappears.
I'm a Ga girl orginally- now in Houston. Hubbie does't salt- he's from Boston. Must be a southern thing, and maybe country and not city.