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Information wanted on "Mongoose Box" plans Answered

Does anyone have plans for a "Mongoose Box/Trap"? This is a rectangular box, looks like a live trap. One end is closed with a cover and when you lift the cover, it whips out a piece of fur or fabric which looks like an animal escaping. This is a really great fun joke to play on people who are curious and unsuspecting.


I just found mongoose box plans at http://themongoosebox.com
They've got some pics and videos there, too.

Just thought, perhaps modify robert's live catch trap so that it works almost in reverse. Place the trap inside (secure it) and hinge the cover to the can itself. Attach the fur/fabric to the killing part (top of the spring) of the trap and have the trap set to go off towards the door. Attach a wire/string to the trigger and the other end to the cover. Allow enough slack to open the cover only a slight bit to attach the string (magnets, Velcro, etc) to the lid. When the lid is pulled open, the trap is set off, flinging the "animal" out of the opening.

This idea will only work on ground pranks. If you want your victim to hold the box, then a spring loaded device might be your best bet. Best of luck.

Do you have the actual plans for this. I want to make one of these Mayor Dan

Here, I drew up some quick plans in paint. This is just an idea, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Though I'd suggest putting some foam or something similar around the bar to soften to blow from the killing bar in case someone accidentally sticks their fingers in the trap.

Mongoose Trap.bmp

PS: You may also want to attach the "trigger string" to the lid using a small piece of Velcro, so that once the trap has been sprung, the lid can be opened the rest of the way without the string breaking (the Velcro will detach itself from the lid/door).

Have you ever seen a "raccoon bag" ? Basically it is a raccoon tail sticking out of a cloth drawstring bag, and inside the bag is a battery operated motor with an off center flywheel on it to make it bounce about as if the raccoon was trying to get out of the bag - (protect the motor from damage). For those that have not seen this novelty, it is funny to watch their reaction to it. You could use just about any tail of an animal that would fit in the bag (squirrel, fox, beaver, big rat tail, etc)

Sounds funny as... My g/f would hate that! top! I'm gonna make one... Keep us updated as i'm sure myself and other would be interested in any plans you find.... Perhaps an ible if you feel so inclined.