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Infra-red flashlight help Answered

Hello, I'm having troubles with my modded Infra red flashlight. It worked when I first did it, for a couple minutes, then the next day only one LED(One out of six) worked. The one that works is from the same package as the others, but the only visible difference is that the LED itself is tinted a lighter blue(Not visible in picture). The source voltage is 1.5 Volts (C battery) and the forward voltage of the LED's is 1.3 volts to 1.7 volts. I'm pretty sure the circuit is parallel, and there is a 2 ohm resistor is the circuit, so they shouldn't be over or under powered. Some help on what could be wrong?

P.S. I'm in the right section of the forum right? I believe I am, but the lack of questions like mine makes me think otherwise.

P.P.S. This my own thing and I'm NOT asking help on another instructable.


where did you buy th package? some places have packages that have different kinds in it, and maybe the info on the pack was just f one of the six, the one that still works. also, the one that works seems to be the only one with a resistor (i could be wrong) which means the other 5 are burnt out

sorry for taking long to reply, I haven't checked the site in a while. I bought the packages at "The Source" I think, they were all the same kind of LED and brand except the blue tint on the plastic was different for the one that lit up. Also i'm pretty sure it's a parallel circut so it only needs one resitor right? (look at the schematic)

I've thought of almost everything, but I still don't get why only 1 is on....

I've moved this to "tech" for more views.

Is it my imagination, or is the centre LED connected the opposite way round to the others?

Thanks for moving it, I just thought the help section is where you get help. Also, you are right, I will update the picture so it is correct.