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Infrared heating devices, has anyone made there owne ? Answered

I was looking at the brand name model Eden Pure Infrared heater


The main difference between IR heaters and standard convection heaters is that the latter heat the space by heating the air, whereas the former mostly heat the space by heating objects/surfaces. In some conditions, the IR heaters will make a human -- and the objects the human is handling -- feel warmer sooner, but only when directly in the beam.

(I've heard IR heaters recommended for workshops for that reason.)

I'm sorta interested in getting a heater for my own (unheated except by heat loss from mostly-insulated pipes)) workshop space... but the IR heaters strike me as being a bit of a fire hazard if they pick up too much sawdust, so I've been holding off until I can learn a bit more about that.

"Infrared" heaters (i.e., $300 units) and ordinary resistance heaters ($25 units from a hardware store) have virtually the same efficiency, 100%.  Reason:  'losses' from inefficiency are realized as...heat.

The reason that the expensive units are so effective is that people use them for area-heating, and shut down or lower the setting of their central-heating unit.  A very interesting experiment---and one that you are unlikely to see--- would be the expensive heater vs. a cheap one in the same house, same location, same people, etc.

Hey, if someone is looking for a project for an upcoming science fair, this might be ideal.  Kind of an expensive project, though.

Infrared heaters are ideal for treating sore muscles,since it occurs in a very narrow band of the non visible spectrum will penetrate through surface tissue right to the damaged area.Heating pads merely warm the surface tissue and take quite a while to reach the desired area. True infrared is transmitted using heated ceramics and not those red flood bulbs you will sometimes see in motel washrooms.I bodged together an infrared heater for my shoulder from items purchased at a pet shop, specifically items used to warm reptile enclosures.A 400w ceramic infrared heater and dome shade with ceramic( absolute must have) socket. 400w will project it's energy about 12", so set it up somewhere where you will be about that far away and enjoy. As for cost you will be looking at about $50.

i wonder about "infrared" heaters, i have a "infrared" heater/vibrator for sore muscles, but the last time i checked infrared wasn't directly visible to the human eye, especially not bright enough to illuminate a room...

Not a safe one, no.