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Insert "Village People" related pun of your choice ... Answered

I've just come across probably our best-funded new member: the United States Navy.

Really. I checked.

So, aside from the fitness videos, what Instructables do we want to see from the USN?

Here's my starter list:

  • How to shoot down a satellite
  • How to make a torpedo
  • How to operate a steam catapult

What do you want to add to the list?


dude, shut the hell up. think about this. everybody has been constrained to getting info from the anarchists cookbook and crap. this guy actually does half the stuff in here. like the workout he posted, not many people know that workout and its obviously good if the Seals use it(incase your a complete moron the Seals are like the Varsity of the Navy) give this guy some respect A) he made it into the Seals B)he obviously knows what he is talking about unlike some of the people here C)he doesnt make the decisions about going to war and stuff, he is just employed. dont blame him for what he is told to do. and all of you who say "well, he could just not do it" have not played on a serious sport team(or been in the army/navy/airforce). otherwise, they would know what happens when you go against orders. frankly, it sucks. i am against war and killing and stuff as much as you but im sick of people taking it out on the wrong person. if you think about it we are about the same as the guy ordering entire cities to be destroyed, we are taking out our anger on someone not responsible. do you think everyone who has had their life ruined due to the war in iraq was one of the planners for 9/11?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the member "United States Navy" is not the person in the video.

"USN" is called Catherine, and does "web work for the Navy", such as Navy For Moms.

(The first time I read that message, I misread it as wet work, and had a few moments' paranoia.)

"USN" is called Catherine

Oh, so it's not Uncle Sam ... but ................... Aunty Cathy ???

yes, i realize that now as she sent me a PM. but still, i was trying to speak in a more general sort of way (and duh she isnt the person in the video, he looks/sounds like a complete moron)

Hmmm, perhaps you should shut the hell up .
Because you just go on and on and on...

Oooh! pick me! How about how to destroy a country and create instability in the whole region!

Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Oh! actually a good one, identifying ranks of the US armed forces, an interesting thing and also handy at the right dinner parties, I know part of them from the similarities with our own rank system. A guide on survival tactics from the seals, just a thought... Some guides on preparing for physically arduous situations and the like... A shelter building intructable, I'm already considering some kind of test of yurt vs army equivalent.

I was planning on a basic plane flying instructable of some sort, it would be far better in a fighter jet, rather than a grob tutor...