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Insight 2.0 Answered

I know what you're thinking: I'm not allowed to make guns anymore.  Well, you're right: I'm not.  This video was recorded entirely in secret.  My school has had some weird days off so people can take the ACT and all that nonsense, leaving me home alone.  I'd say a pretty great thing came out of it: Insight 2.0.  A huge improvement from version one, this gun now has a sliding trigger, its coolest feature, a realistically slanted handle, an even comfier handle, and a much more reliable tubular magazine.  I hope you guys enjoy!


Thanks. That's almost my thousandth comment received. *Streamers fall from the ceiling.* :-p

Heh heh, you naughty child. Looks good bro, I'd love to see an overview pic, if you have one. =D

Lol! Looks good, just be careful with posting, it will kind of compromise some things. Anyway if I was in your scenario I would get pretty good at making guns that are styled like my CCC prototype. Folding into nifty non interesting rectangles.

Oh and maybe in your defence, it's a projectile launcher not a, you know. That's what I always say when I bring one to college with me.

This thing is too small to be a gun: it's obviously a compact projectile launcher. There is absolutely no stipulation stopping me from making compact projectile launchers.

(Thanks. I'll keep the totally not suspicious rectangle idea in mind.)


Looks awesome! Now you are officially a rebel!!! :-)

HE'S DONE IT! Way to go, you're a true rebel now. I would definitely make this is you posted it. It looks boss.

Thank you! I am rebelling like you'd never believe; I'm too punk to die. (Not.)

I'm going to try and post it when the K'nex contest is out, so I can enter it then. It may be a long wait, but it will come. Don't worry. :3


4 years ago


Cool! But I still think that you should not make guns if your parents don't want you to.

What's done is done, my friend. I don't really know how to respond to that other than this: I'm going to keep doing what I enjoy if I'm not harming people. (I hope I don't sound obnoxious or rude. Sorry.)

Are you working on any new projects right now? Maybe we could collaborate.

Well, yeah. I guess you should do what you want with your k'nex. No, you don't sound obnoxious either :P (My bad)

Well, about the projects, it's a yes and a no. I have a collab with Jonny right now and it is not moving that fast, but I do have a ton of pieces for another collab. I guess we can! Any thing in particular you want to collab on?

Would it be possible for me to join in the collaboration with Jonny to speed it up? That way, we could all collaborate, the project could be done faster, and all will be well in the world. If not, that's okay too. :p

Sorry to say, but I guess I will say no. The reason being is that we only have to make the instructions, which should be finished in a day or two. All the major work is over. So, there would be no use in joining us at this point.

However, if you want to do a different collab, I'll be happy to work with you! Just name what you want to build!

Did I miss commenting on the first one? Anyway, this is awesome because I wanted to make a compact horizontal magazine (tubular as you call it, but not truly in the literal sense) pistol but couldn't pull it off. Not sure if you did this intentionally or not, and I'm not saying I deserve any credit because I'm not even sure if someone else thought of it first, but that method of connection the handle has been done before. =P But still nice nonetheless to have nicely angled handles on pistols. I really like sliding triggers too.

And never mind your parents. Pursue your creative interests wherever they lie if they're not harming anyone. Parents are parents. Guardians. Teachers. Not slave holders. Their authority is merely a tool to educate you, not to control you. Their job is to prepare you for the world, not to shove their ideals down your throat. Just my two cents.

You might not have, but that's okay: you're here now. I'm glad to have finished a concept that you've wanted to see done. I might secretly make instructions for the K'nex contest that's coming up, if you're ever interested in building it. The mag, although more reliable than the first version, still requires that I mess with the ammo pusher a little bit if I put more than three shots in, so it's far from perfect. It'd be awesome if we could collaborate on tweaking it.

I've used this handle connection for a lot of my guns; I know I didn't make it. I've just sort of assumed that it was like the generic magazines that circulate around the site: nobody knows who made them, and they're open to the public to use. If someone wants credit, I'll be more than happy to give it, though. :3

I've never understood why there aren't more sliding triggers out there. They have a really nice aesthetic, and although they require extra work, are really cool to master. I know I've got another forum topic somewhere with another sliding trigger; it is an awesome oversized single shot, and I still have it hiding in my super secret arsenal.

You've summed up my feelings exactly. Oh, the joys of not being a minor, and yet the responsibilities...