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Installing Linux on a Windows Notebook? Answered

I found a few year old laptop in our storage unit and it was OK with my dad if I could have it. But I really want the Ubuntu Linux on it. But be warned, when it comes to OS, im a n00b. Any suggestions?

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gmxxBest Answer (author)2009-07-04

go here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

follow the instructions. use http://www.ntfs.com/iso_burner_free.htm to burn the disc. use the default settings.

put the disc that it burned to in your laptop drive and boot from the cd. Follow the install instructions.

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hitman400 (author)2009-07-04

If u want to keep windows on the laptop in case, use W.u.b.i(Windows UBuntu Installer) It installs Ubuntu as a single file on ur hdd so if u don't like ubuntu, u go to where it is installed, and delete it.

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memyselfand1 (author)hitman4002009-07-14

I did that. The problem is that it installs GRUB booting instead of the windows boot system, so I had to go to our Notebook Support. They were not impressed.

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bikerbob2005 (author)2009-07-06

A few questions about the laptop.
1:does it have a cd drive?
2:does it power up to the BIOS screen?
3:does it have USB port/s
If it has a cd drive then download and burn an ISO of this http://www.puppylinux.org/
Puppy 4.20 has a nice interface and a small footprint.
it is a live cd hence it runs from the cd with out changing the hard drive , also has all the tools built in to format / install the O/S
should i make an instructable on this?
My little Plll Dell laptop boots win98SE / XP sp3 / Puppy 4.20 / Ubuntu 8.04
Both linux distro will find and run the belkin USB wireless thumb on start up,as 98SE needs a driver installed ,and XP is a joke it frogets the settings on restarts and had to make a vcd to keep the install on .Only problem I have is that the 98SE has a silly limit of how many drives it can see and use (as well as it can not read NTSF )
Puppy is the fastest of the O/S.
Win 98SE does have IE if needed and it is fast.
XP is an uphill drive towing a boat.
Ubuntu will not run Delta Cad :(
Dell 610 Plll 750Mz 1/2 gig ram one USB 1.1 port

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