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Instructable: how to make your own Buster! (members collab) Answered

Hey dudes! lets make a collab on how to make a buster!! apport ideas! my idea is making him from an old max steel, action man, etc, burning and crashing him and putting him dummy-like stickers or paint!


http://simulaids.com/index.htm this website has "simulaids", which are used for medical and rescue purposes. some of them are less than $1000.

i just bought 1 off of ebay
(   also made one out of steel tubing and lathed and carved wood )

When the Mythbusters rebuilt buster, they made alluminium frames that hold wood which replicated bones. The flesh was made from some kind of rubber, similar softens as a humans body.

wouldnt it be easier to just use ballistics gel? if it gets "buster'd up" too bad you can just put that part back in its original mold and reheat it

Well, ballistic gel needs to be kept cool, othervise it would fall apart, 'melt'.

just watch how it's made they show you how they make dummies

most crash test dummies are usually around $10,000- $20,000. The how its made show isnt how-to. It is how the pros make them.

i think the rubber was called dragon skin, i could be wrong though...

ok, we could make some kinda mold and make it out of that.

 Hmm....There's already an 'Ible for ballistics gel. The only other thing needed is a "frame".


9 years ago

OK the flesh is made of a poll plastic more of a vinyl. Ballistic gel is made of animal fats. sorry for the spelling people i have been up for 5 days staight work'n on my vending machines

Does it have to be ballistics gel?

it is not ballistics gel on buster or is it used in any way for the make'n of buster. think about it when they did the expolding train station the ballistics dummy they made was melting


10 years ago

We could just take one of those art models and carve it into a posable buster.

good idea, i have one in home

apport ideas!

apport is the transference of an article from an unknown source, to you, or another place by unknown means.

How are we supposed to do that?

but, but as soon as you post....your name and likeness :-) goes up on the post.

If someone has an idea it would be easiest to consult via PM and to add them as a collaborator, maybe they can help with your english.

1. Sorry for my english i am fro argentina. 2. The basic idea is to make a mini-buster, a little replica of buster so you an have him in your desktop and using him for testing mini-rocket chairs, mini-explosive toilets, trowhing him etc. 3. Megapun, i like the idea of an instucto bot, but that shouldn't go here, i want to make a buster replica 4. Deadlysurfer, i like your idea, but i would want it a liitle more "solid" and where the hell are we going to ger ballistic gel? only FBI (Federal Bunch of Idiots) heve it, and the mytbusters get it cuz they are big friends of FBI. 5. kiteman, it is a collab, so we post ideas vith author or anonymously I hope this solves most questions so we can start the collab

if you want to make some homemade ballistics gel them all you have to do is buy 2 boxes of KNOX gelatine from the grocery store for 8 bucks each get more depending on the size of your dummy then adding the amount of of cold water directed and letting it cool overnight then boil it until it reaches 125 degrees (just make shure it doesnt go any higher than 130) then take it out of your mold make shure to use plastic and PAM cooking spray for easiest removal.

Ok. First things first : what's a buster, dude ??

Buster is the name of the crash test dummy they use on Mythbusters for a lot of their dangerous stuff. :)

we should make an instructo-bot!a dummy like buster,except its the instructables robot,not a human dummy!