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Instructable idea: the Frankenbox 360 Answered

ok, I'm working on something, and before I go through the trouble of writing an -ible for it, I would like to get a good idea of what kind of interest there is in it. I recently came into a free bricked xbox 360 (shocking I know, those are SO hard to come by.....) so, I have harvested a few parts, and am modifying my old xbox that had a bad habit of overheating by putting another of the larger heatsinks in xbox's over the gpu, changing the shape of the fan duct to accommodate the larger heatsink, and will putt the cd drive on top of the case, run the wires inside, and hook another set of the original fans to a 12v power supply and mount a switch on the case. This thing will be hideous, beautiful and will tell heat just where to go. :) So, What does everyone think??


i would want u 2 post it just to see what the thing looks like!

Thou shalt obey the Law!

(Even if there is no interest from within the site, there will be somebody out there in googleworld who wants to see it.  Most of my traffic is from search engines.)

righto. Sorry Kiteman. I would still like to know what people think. I'll make one, though. It will be a few days though, as I have to borrow a camera. Mine brokeded :(

How would you describe your frankenbox?  Google for that, and see how many people are talking about the idea.

awwwww. It would seem as though all topics of modifying xbox cases is purely cosmetic....I see room to be a pioneer!!!!!! (delusions of grandeur is something I struggle with)

ok!! Things are lined up, and after my Cal III test tomorrow, I shall begin the making of the instructable. :) My roommate has a camera I can borrow, and it's looking like for the first time in a couple of months, I might have freetime this weekend. XD

You don't seem to be struggling very hard...  ;-)