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Instructable is plagiarized (not a bug) Answered

Hello whomever is reading this,

I was online, today, and I was looking up different recipes for thermite. Upon searching Google, I came upon two different results that were quite intriguing. Here are the two results:




If you follow these links and read the steps, you will see that they are nearly the exact same and that the author does not give the second website credit. (Notice the dates)

This is an obvious act of blatant plagiarism and I believe that the person whom wrote this instructable should be confronted about doing so.

Thank you for your time,

Christopher Karr


Why would you need to know how to make Thermite anyway?

You should get the full backstory before accusing someone of the worst. There are some authors that post their projects on multiple websites, so it is possible that the author posted it here as well as the other site.

Some people do post else where, there are some users who's entire Instructables content is also somewhere else. On this site plagiarism tends to be identified quickly, other sites maybe not... L

Good catch. Stolen images and text. Hopefully an admin will see this thread and be able to do something.

Then do so - send him a PM to check whether he wrote the how2dostuff entry as well. You will find that some of my earlier projects were also posted elsewhere before they were posted here, because I hadn't come across this site yet.